Al Jazeera Digital wins Amnesty International Canada Media Award

 Many First Countries seniors fear environmental damage from oil spills and say the pipeline is a danger to their traditional lifestyles[Al Jazeera]< img alt =" Numerous First Countries senior citizens fear ecological damage from oil spills and state the pipeline is a(*************************************************** )to their conventional way of lives[Al Jazeera]" src ="" title ="AlJazeera DigitalwinsAmnestyInternationalCanadaMedia Award" >

Many First Countries senior citizens fear ecological damage from oil spills and state the pipeline is a threat to their traditional way of livings[Al Jazeera]

TheAlJazeera EnglishOnline interactive,(************* )Really First Nations Divided, has won a leading benefit at the25 th annualAmnestyInternationalCanadaMedia Awards.

Produced with support from the Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting, the interactive functionwon in the Multimedia classification and centred on conflicts of interest emerging fromCanada’s $ 5.6 bngrowth of the Trans Mountain oil pipeline. When completed, the pipeline will triple its present ability from(************************************** ),000 to890,000 barrels of oil daily.



  • Canada’s First Nations: Native communities counter break out

  • (**************** )Understanding the Wet’ suwet ‘en fight in Canada

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AlJazeera (************************************************************************* )record reward haul at New york city awards celebration

Great Deals Of Reallyfirst Nations senior citizens fear environmental damage from oil spills and state the pipeline is a danger to their land and conventional approaches of life.

Al(*********************************************************************** )EnglishOnline contributing reporters Jillian Kestler-D’Amours and self-employed press reporter Megan O’Tooletook a journey the 2,000 km Trans Mountain pipeline course, from the oil refineries of Edmonton, Alberta to the shipping centers ofCanada’s Pacific Coast.

” Jillian and Megan won for their delicate storytelling centred on the voices of those most impacted,” stated Amnesty judge and previous Blended Mediawinner Samantha Fink. Theywon”for the depth of their research and advanced usage of digital tools consisting of pictures, videos, graphics and maps that provided readers numerous access points to understanding an intricate story”


” I’m proud of our reporters who took a trip for days to get to the heart of this important story,” mentioned Soraya Salam, manager ofAlJazeera EnglishOnline,”and of our Americas Editor Laurin-Whitney Gottbrath who assisted the storytelling procedure and collaborated with our head of interactives, Mohammed Haddad, to produce this exceptional material. This Amnesty International award is a crucial recognition of our devotion to informing stories of forgotten neighborhoods whose lives are being affected by the decisions of those in power.”

Winners in other classifications- short-form and long video, long and short-form text and long-form audio – consisted of APTN, The Toronto Star and CBC.

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