Al-Jouf Water will offer 20% of its shares on the Nomu market on February 6

Falcom for Financial Services announced the intention of the Al-Jouf “Helweh” sanitary water factory to offer 625,000 common shares, representing 20% ​​of its shares, and to list them on the parallel market.

The company stated, in a statement to “Saudi Tadawul” today Monday that the final offering price will be determined for all subscribers after the book creation period ends, noting that the offering period will begin on Sunday February 6, 2022.

On 1 December the company obtained the Authority’s authorization to list the company’s shares on the parallel market.

The Saudi Parallel Shares Index (Nomu) closed today, in An increase of 14.76 points, to close at 25845.82 points, with transactions worth 190 million riyals, and the volume of shares traded reached over 850,000 shares, shared by 6,308 operations.

The main Saudi stock index “TASI” closed today in rise of 0.9%, gaining 104.36 points and closing at 11,664.83 points, with transactions worth 7.5 billion riyals.

The volume of shares traded was 204 million shares, shared by more than 340 transactions, in which the shares of 130 companies recorded an increase in value, while the shares of 58 companies closed.

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