Al-Kasasbeh for the facade.. Investigation in Belgium with the implicated in its fire!

Although almost 7 years have passed since the death of the Jordanian pilot, Muath al-Kasasbeh, at the hands of the terrorist organization ISIS, his case has returned to the fore in Brussels.

The trial of those accused of carrying out bombings that killed 32 people in the Belgian capital in 2016 has begun, and it became clear that among them was a Swede who participated in the crime of setting fire to the pilot, Al-Kasasbeh.

The family is waiting

In turn, engineer Jawdat al-Kasasbeh, brother of the late pilot, explained to that the family has no information in this regard, stressing that they have not received any statement or clarification from the Jordanian government.

He also revealed that their information is limited to what is posted on the media and that they are in waiting for an official clarification from the government.

He stressed that the family is aware that a suspect has been arrested in Belgium last year, indicating that it has requested intervention from the Jordanian government.

Swedish survey

This came after the Swedish judiciary launched an investigation last year into war crimes committed in Syria.

A spokesman for the Swedish prosecutor at the time said the investigations included the Swedish Syrian original, “Osama Karim”, as one of those involved in the Al-Kasasbeh fire case and who had participated in the 2015 Paris attacks.

Karim, originally from Malmö in southern Sweden, made the trip in Syria in 2014 and then back in Europe following the paths of immigrants, where he was welcomed, according to what emerges from the investigations, in 2015 in Ulm, in Germany, by Salah Abdel Salam, the only surviving member, was one of the ISIS teams that carried out the Paris bombings, along with two other members of the cell, until he was arrested in April 2016 in Belgium.

Osama Karim now faces life imprisonment for “terrorist murder and attempted murder”.

A crime that shook the world

Interestingly, Jordanian pilot Muath al-Kasasbeh’s F-16 warplane crashed while he was carrying out a military mission at terrorist organization sites in Raqqa governorate in northern Syria. On December 24, 2014, the young man was captured by terrorists .

As Jordan called for his release in a prisoner exchange deal, the organization aired a video in February 2015 that showed the pilot being burned alive, in a terrorist crime condemned by the whole world.

Meanwhile, the Jordanian military responded with dozens of air strikes against the organization’s strongholds and escalated their attacks there, executing Sajida al-Rishawi and Ziyad al-Karbouli, two members of the al-Qaeda terrorist organization who they had been convicted of bombing Amman hotels in 2005.

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