Al-Kazemi warns: any government without Al-Sadr will face a crisis

While the blockade continues to surround the political scene in Iraq, Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi has ruled out the formation of a government without the participation of the leader of the Sadrist movement, Muqtada al-Sadr.

He stressed that any government that excludes the Sadr movement will face enormous challenges and could lead to a repeat of October 2019, or worse.

Don’t trust the politicians

He also stressed that the country must distance itself from a past full of violence “, adding in an interview with Al-Monitor that the political class in Iraq is facing a crisis of confidence in public opinion.

Regarding his priorities, he stressed that he is concerned about initiating a dialogue between all parties at internal and regional level.

These statements came after the “coordination framework”, which includes political forces close to Iran, showed signs of withdrawing from its candidate for prime minister, Muhammad Shia’a al-Sudani.

While the leader of the Sadrist movement in he previously hinted at his agreement to keep Al-Kazemi at the helm of the government to monitor the holding of new legislative elections in the country.

complete paralysis

Interestingly, Iraq has seen, since the early parliamentary elections of October 10, 2021, a complete political paralysis, which has further worsened since July 2022, with the two sides of the most important controversy descending. in square and their sit-in in central Baghdad (Al-Sadr and the coordination framework).

The dispute culminated with the Sadrist movement’s request two months ago to dissolve parliament and hold early legislative elections in order to start the country on via reforms in light of its opponents’ rejection of this approach and their insistence on forming a government with their candidate before each new election.

The dispute developed at the end of last month (August) in violent clashes between the two sides in central Baghdad, which resulted in the deaths of 30 people, and opened the door to a dangerous new escalation.