Al-Kazemi: Who is afraid of elections in Iraq? die People?

Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi revealed that there are some who die die Fear the results of the early elections in Iraq, and noted that these people are trying to die Despair hearts of citizens.

Today, Wednesday, during the inauguration of a power plant in Samarra, he added that there are those die to attempt, die To get citizens not to vote.

He also made it clear that it will be the way to go with will, patience, wisdom and serenity die to respond to yellow negative voices, die wanting nothing good for the country and creating despair and trying to question and obstruct every achievement of the government.

Yesterday, Al-Kazemi reiterated its complete opposition to the exploitation of the poor for electoral purposes and revealed during the cabinet meeting that there is against those who die Use ministries for electoral purposes, against die is determined.

Take advantage of elections

He also pointed out that there are complaints in the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs and there is a suspicion that by die Supporting some candidate services for electoral purposes at the expense of the livelihoods of the poor in Exploited in relation to welfare wages.

Al-Kazemi had confirmed earlier this month that he would not take part in the parliamentary elections and that it was “unreasonable for him to think about fair and fair elections and to participate in political competition”.

Al-Kazemi in the cabinet meeting

Al-Kazemi in the cabinet meeting

It is noteworthy that Iraq, due next October die Parliamentary elections are waiting, amid a life crisis, high youth unemployment and the lack of some basic services in a number of provinces and the spread of party corruption and quotas.

Through the use of loyalists in a number of official institutions often indirectly blackmail these parties by being citizens die Control services and benefits provided by the state.

Since October 2019, the country has seen widespread protests and demonstrations against a number of political parties and militias, with hundreds of demonstrators killed and dozens of activists kidnapped, while many demonstrators pointed fingers at unfaithful armed groups, die tried to do this die Seize power joints in the country

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