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Al-Khatib: Saudi Tourism Development Fund Provides One Billion Riyals To Support Over 50 Projects

Saudi Minister of Tourism Ahmed bin Aqil Al-Khatib said the Tourism Development Fund had provided support worth one billion riyals to more than 50 medium- and small-scale projects.

Al-Khatib encouraged small project owners to submit serious feasibility studies to gain the necessary support and provide highly efficient tourism services.

Al-Khatib’s statements came on the sidelines of his meeting with a group of tour operators in the Kingdom as part of the Ministry’s second virtual monthly meeting, where he spent in reviews the Ministry’s efforts to strengthen the role of the tourism sector and the progress made to improve this vital sector within the Kingdom’s tourism system.

He stressed that the time has come to move towards achieving the ambitions and aspirations of the national tourism strategy, indicating that the ministry is preparing the Umrah strategy, the strategy for the development of Taif city and the preparation for the winter season , in addition to the efforts currently in course to keep up with the World Cup.

Al-Khatib reviewed the promising investment opportunities offered by the tourism sector in the Kingdom, the various services provided by the Ministry and the capabilities provided by the Tourism Development Fund, explaining that the Kingdom embraces a number of attractive tourism projects which are being developed in the Kingdom in various destinations such as Neom and the Red Sea shores which will be the top global maritime destination in the near future, emphasizing efforts to locate jobs and qualify Saudis in the tourism sector.

He underlined the ministry’s intention to qualify and train those who wish to work in the sector, noting that the ministry has allocated an amount of 100 million riyals annually for this purpose and recommended tourism investors to attract more children and daughters of the country .

He focused on raising the quality of the product, especially with the increase in the number of companies operating in the sector, which has reached 777 companies since the institution of the ministry, expressing the aspiration that the number reaches three thousand companies, to create more opportunities for competition and improvement of services by offering tourist programs characterized by diversity and richness, especially since the Kingdom is rich in historical, religious and cultural monuments.

During the meeting, the ways of developing the national tourism product were discussed, noting the positive collaboration of various government sectors related to travel organization, in order to provide an integrated tourism experience that meets the aspirations of visitors and tourists who come to the Kingdom, in order to achieve the ambitious goals of the Kingdom’s Vision 2030, receive 30 million pilgrims and Umrah artists every year By 2030 AD

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