Al-Khelaifi: The fans will never allow the European Super League to start

DOHA: Nasser Al-Khelaifi, president of the European Clubs Association, said yesterday evening that the proposed UEFA Super League would never start even if the courts approved it due to the opposition of club and fans. Real Madrid, Barcelona and Juventus were among the 12 club who announced the creation of the European Super League in April last year, but the move fell through immediately with nine club who withdrew following a hostile backlash from all parts of the game. However, Real Madrid, Barcelona and Juventus have continued to promote the idea. And after a Madrid court prevented the European Football Federation (UEFA) from punishing i club, the case has been referred to the European Court of Justice, which is expected to hand down a ruling next week. Al-Khelaifi, who is also president of Paris Saint-Germain, added to Sky News in an interview published last night: “The fans will never allow that to happen. I’m not really worried about the (court) decision. I think they will vote for us against him. But if not, nothing will change. No one will join them. No one will go to the stadium. No one will organize anything.” He asked: “Who will play – three of them? A great European Super League”. Juventus is in the midst of an organizational renewal process following the resignation of its entire board last month, and Al-Khulaifi has expressed hope that the new management of the club Italian has a different vision of the European Super League. “I wish there were smarter people and I would like to invite them back to the European family,” she said. (Reuters)