Al-Khereiji Holds Meeting with Deputy Minister of Foreign Relations from Mexico

Developments in Bilateral Relations between Saudi Arabia and Mexico: Meeting of Deputy Ministers of Foreign Affairs


On Sunday, His Excellency the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, Ing. Walid bin Abdul Karim Al-Khereiji, met with His Excellency the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of the United Mexican States, Ms. Carmine Tuscan Moreno, at the Ministry headquarters in Riyadh. The meeting focused on bilateral relations between Saudi Arabia and Mexico and ways to improve them, as well as regional developments and international interests.

Review of Bilateral Relations

The meeting between the two deputy ministers marked a significant step towards strengthening the friendly relations between Saudi Arabia and Mexico. The officials discussed opportunities for mutually beneficial collaborations in various fields, such as trade, investment, education, and culture.

Improvement Strategies

The discussion on improving bilateral relations centered around the need for increased communication and exchange of visits between officials, diplomats, and business representatives from both countries. The deputy ministers also agreed on the importance of expanding economic ties and promoting investment opportunities.

Regional Developments

The officials discussed the current regional developments, particularly in the Middle East and Latin America, and exchanged views on ways to address conflicts and challenges. They emphasized the need for proactive diplomacy and cooperation to maintain stability, peace, and security.

International Interests

The meeting also provided an opportunity for the deputy ministers to discuss international interests and global issues, such as climate change, energy security, and sustainable development. They underscored the importance of joint efforts by the international community to address these challenges.


The meeting was attended by the Director of the South American Department, Faisal Al-Mandil, and the Ambassador of the United States of Mexico to the Kingdom, Mr. Anibal Toledo.

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