Al-Kuwari: one million and 800,000 tickets sold for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar

Doha: Hassan Rabia Al-Kuwari, Marketing Director of the Qatar 2022 FIFA World Cup, revealed that the next stage of ticketing scheduled for tomorrow, Tuesday, is a golden opportunity to grab a spot in the matches of the tournament due to limited tickets after selling nearly 1.8 million tickets in the past stages. And the World Cup Marketing Director said in a press release today, Monday, that tickets to offer in that phase constitute the vast majority of the remaining balance of World Cup tickets, especially in light of the turnout witnessed in the previous phases, estimated in 40.5 million requests. Al-Kuwari noted the need to avoid sites web fake and pointed out that the only official site through which you can get tickets for the Qatar 2022 World Cup is the FIFA site, where all purchases are made through it, in order to avoid sites web Fraudulent and Fake Fan Tickets When asked if fans would wait this time to see the outcome of the purchase process, as in the lottery system, he confirmed that purchased tickets will be awarded immediately upon completion of the payment process. The stage will continue from the day after tomorrow and the stage will close on August 16th. The fan can buy a maximum of 6 tickets for each match, and a maximum of 60 tickets for all matches in the tournament, and the fan can watch multiple matches per day during the group stage, according to the match compatibility rules, and persons with disabilities and persons with reduced mobility are entitled to a ticket for persons with disabilities. Fans from outside Qatar will be able to use the Haya digital card as a visa to enter the country and, in Generally, all supporters from abroad will have to confirm their stay plans after purchasing tickets to enter the State of Qatar and enter the stadiums. As for the daily fans, they too are required to obtain a Haya digital card as a permit to enter the country without the need to book a place of residence, and to activate it you need to meet some basic requirements, such as how to get tickets for the leave and book a return flight ticket. (Dpa)