Al-Mabti Al-Faris wins first place in an international championship in Italy

The jockey, Ryan Al-Mobti, won first place at the Grosseto International Endurance and Endurance Championship in Italy, two-star category, over a distance of 120 km.

His victory came with the mare “Tresca” at a speed of 19.105 km / h, the race being made up of four stages, 34 km for each of the first and second stages, and 27 km for each of the third and fourth stages, as part of his participation in the European season of preparation and qualification for the 2022 AD World Cup is planned in Italy.

The jockey Al-Batti declared: “I finished the race today with an excellent result and performance with the mare” Trisca “, through which I try to continue and qualify more than one horse for the next World Championships 2022 AD. in Italy, after finishing some time ago in an international two-star race with the mare “Bonova” in second place, and my participation will be Next in the 3-star races for a distance of 160 km.

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