Al-Maqdishi: We will die Conversion of Yemen in not accept an Iranian colony

Yemeni Defense Minister, Lieutenant General Muhammad al-Maqdashi, said Monday that “the Yemeni people, leadership, army and resistance will not accept the country in to transform an Iranian colony “, in of “deviating ideas” are active “.

This happened when Al-Maqdishi, according to a military statement die Front on the Al-Mashjah Front in the Sarwah district west of Marib.

Al-Maqdishi said, “Yemenis will regain their rights and triumph for their freedom and cultural identity.”

The Yemeni Defense Minister praised it die Supporting the Saudi Arabia-led Coalition in Support of Legitimacy “in the fight against joint expansion plans and against Persian terrorism die Arab National Security “.

He praised die “high morale and competence of the leaders and heroes of the National Army and the resistance of the population, die Paint and epics of heroism and national sacrifice die Burying Houthi gang dreams and illusions, “as he put it.

Al-Maqdashi stressed that die Yemeni Army “die Has strength, ability, professionalism and competence to fight for die To end the restoration of the state, to end the insurrection and coup and to face all schemes of chaos and devastation “.

The Yemeni Defense Minister heard a statement from the commander of the Third Military Region, Major General Mansour Thawabeh, and the field commanders die Conducting combat operations against die Houthi terrorist militia.

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