Al-Mashal: We are ready for the Club World Cup … and the “new” super soon

The head of the Saudi Football Association, Yasser Al-Mishel, revealed that contacts with the International Football Association (FIFA) took place two months ago in about the Kingdom’s willingness to host the World Cup.

Al-Mishal said yesterday at the Football Association’s launch of the Saudi football strategy: “We spoke with FIFA two months ago about organizing the World Cup for club in case in to which Japan apologized and the International Football Association said there is another alternative country in program for them, then in if there is an apology also from this country, the International Federation will contact us directly, confirming the organization of the Club World Cup in Saudi Arabia, in particular the Kingdom has not hosted this tournament, and we are ready to host. “

Regarding Al-Nasr’s match against Traktor in the 16th round of the AFC Champions League, he said: “We are in contact with the president of the Al-Nasr Club, Musli Al Muammar, almost daily regarding the postponement of the game, and no official letter has yet arrived, and in case in which Traktor’s team retires is considered the loser. “

As for the Saudi Super and the date of its establishment, which brings together league champion Al Hilal and King Al Faisali Cup champion, Al Mishal said, it will initially be early January next year 2022, and the la season in course will be the Super as it is between Al Hilal and Al Faisaly, and the season after the next we will study the idea of ​​playing with four Clubs, and we present them to club and we take their opinions, and it is possible to prepare them for next season, and as in the case of the Spanish Super, where there is more enthusiasm and more sponsorships ”.

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