Al-Mudaifer in Al-Arabiya: Saudi Arabia opens huge “mining” opportunities to global investors

Saudi Deputy Minister of Industry and Mineral Resources for Mining Affairs Khaled Al-Mudaifer confirmed that the Saudi mining sector is witnessing a very large transformation and international demand for investment in it.

In an interview with Al-Arabiya, Al-Mudaifer pointed out that The advanced rank of the Kingdom, as the fourth largest country in the world, in the import of minerals, which reflects the trend of economic activity.

He felt that this demand for minerals in the Kingdom creates great opportunities for the development of the mining industry sector in general, in addition to the enjoyment of the Kingdom of a high level of ease of doing business and the huge volume of business in Saudi Arabia.

He talked about the attractive factors stemming from state policies and strategies, including ensuring the stability of licenses and their clarity to local and foreign investors.

Al-Mudaifer also described the launch of the International Future Metals Conference in its first session next January, which the conference will provide a platform for mining investments. in Middle East, Central Asia and Africa, to review the mining wealth opportunities in the esteemed Kingdom in 1.3 trillion dollars.

He stressed the importance of launching the largest geophysical survey of mineral resources in the Arab Shield region, which the Kingdom began to be one of the largest in the world, and the first of its kind and method, covering 700,000 km in the Arab Shield.

Survey samples were expected to exceed 160,000 samples, as well as fly low to photograph up to 400 meters deep, and this will reveal and show richness and identify opportunities. in they and will increase the information that is more than 80 years old.

He stated that the survey information in the Kingdom will be freely open to all investors from anywhere in the world and that they can apply for investment opportunities with ease through the mining platform.

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