“Al-Munajj Food” announces the imposition of a temporary suspension on a group of poultry products

Al-Munajm Food Company announced that a temporary suspension has been imposed by the Food and Drug Authority in Saudi Arabia on one of the poultry product groups the company imports from one of the countries due to the presence of avian flu in some of its regions, as part of the periodic and continuous review by the Authority of all the new variables related to food safety.

The company said today, Monday, in a statement on “Saudi Tadawul”, that he made the necessary contacts with the authority on Sunday to clarify the procedures followed by the supplier to ensure the safety of the products, in compliance with the standard recognized in the food industry.

He added that the supplier has provided proof of the safety of its products and as a result the Food and Drug Authority was asked to lift the temporary suspension.

The company confirmed that it has a sufficient stock of poultry products for several weeks, noting that the financial impact is linked to the date of lifting the temporary suspension, which is currently not estimable.

He said any developments in this regard will be announced in due course

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