Al-Nasr Automotive is negotiating with 7 companies to produce auto electric in Egypt

Hani El-Khouly, CEO of El-Nasr Automotive Industry, a subsidiary of the Holding Company for Metallurgical Industries, one of the companies of the Ministry of the public sector, in Egypt said the company is trading in the period in course with 7 brands to produce aauto electricity in the Egyptian market in 2022.

Al-Khouli pointed out that the company has entered into negotiations with other companies due to the failure to reach an agreement with the Chinese Dongfeng Company to reduce the price of the imported component enough to allow Al-Nasr Automotive Company to produce theauto and offer it at a competitive price.

He explained to the newspaper “Al Borsa” that by the end of this month the details of the commercial issues and the final price of the imported components of theauto, especially in light of the constant changes in the market for auto electric, which is growing at a great pace.

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