Al-Nasr is playing . the funniest of his fans . and the scariest of his competitors

Al-Nasr, with his new professionals, was at the time the beginning of the global journey in the new version of the Prince Mohammed bin Salman Professional Cup, season 2021/22.

Al-Nasr played a ball in front of Damak, who scored four goals, which brought joy to the hearts of his fans and instilled terror in the hearts of his competitors.

Al-Nasr, at first glance, established himself as a strong contender for the Scudetto, after the team appeared more harmonious on the ground at Msoul Park. The harmony was clear between the players in field and between them and their coach behind the lines.

The team he also sent a message of reassurance about his new deals, whether it be Abu Bakr Vincent or Taliska “the creative”, and Uzbek Hanna Sharipov, who will have a strong footprint on the gaming industry.

The new Nasra deals have been presented in the best form in front of the fans, and the situation will improve as the games follow one another and the harmony increases.

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