Al Pacino suffered painful injury during intense Heat scene – ‘It was over’

In 1995 Pacino was a mainstay in the action movie genre. The actor had already played Don Corleone in The Godfather trilogy and Tony Montana in Scarface. For Heat Pacino worked alongside fellow Hollywood star De Niro for the second time after The Godfather. The pair’s exciting reunion was met with huge success, as Heat earned a staggering $190 million at the box office.

In the movie, Pacino’s no-nonsense character, Lieutenant Vincent Hanna, was tracking down De Niro’s criminal mastermind Neil McCauley in the thrilling heist movie.

After exchanging bullets in some tense scenes, the two characters ended up in a cut-throat chase scene which resulted in Hanna killing the villain.

During this moment Pacino was supposed to run after De Niro and catch him in a final unbelievable setpiece.

However, Pacino was hit by an ailment which meant he wasn’t able to continue filming.

Pacino spoke with Yahoo! Entertainment in 2017 where he revealed: “There I was, in my 50s, and I’m up there really about to chase this guy.”

Pacino continued: “So I warmed up, I did everything right. I did the first run after Bob [De Niro], and I ran really speedy.

“And I did it again [in another take], and I thought: ‘I can do this.’ And that was it. It was over. I hurt my hamstring.”

The painful injury was enough to stop the actor from filming any more scenes, leaving him out of the final moments of the movie.

The star went on to add: “Poor Bob had to run around all night by himself, being chased by an understudy!”

Pacino later revealed he wasn’t too unhappy about being left out of the scenes.

He added: “I just laid up in my camper. It was a worthwhile injury.”

In the same interview, the Hunters star praised De Niro for his artistry in Heat.

He said of his legendary scene with De Niro in a diner: “He’s so great, and he was smart because he said he didn’t want to rehearse the scene with me.”

Pacino continued: “He didn’t want to rehearse it. And at first, I [had doubts about that]. But then I realised he was right.”

Smiling, the star said: “It really made a difference and that was very clever.”

The two actors worked together in some enormous films since the release of Heat, including Righteous Kill in 2008 and The Irishman in 2019.

This wasn’t the only time Pacino was struck with an injury on set.

During an audition scene for Scarface in 1983 his co-star Michelle Pfeiffer revealed she cut him while filming an intense restaurant sequence.

Recalling the moment in an interview with Jimmy Fallon, Pfeiffer said: “I show up and we do the scene, the restaurant scene at the end, where I kind of freak out at the end, and I threw dishes, and everything went flying and I broke things, [then they yelled] cut.

“I was in it, and there’s blood everywhere. And everyone comes running over to me, checking me out for blood, where am I cut? They’re not finding anything, there are no cuts on me.”

“I look over and Al is bleeding. I cut Al Pacino. And that’s how I got the part.”

Heat is available to watch on Amazon Prime Video.


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