Al-Qaruni, the union personality, covered up the absences

Khaled Al-Qaruni, the former coach of the national team and Al-Ittihad, explained that the dean has started well this season, bringing him in lead the standings in the first round and conquer the title of winter champion.

He told Al-Madina: “The federation’s mission to keep the lead has given the players the desire and incentive to stay away from competitors, which is a good thing for Dean. in this season and in most of the first round matches “.

As for Al-Batin’s latest match, he mentioned that the personality of the team was present despite influential absences such as Karim Al-Ahmadi, Abdul-Ilah Al-Maliki, Fahd Al-Mawlid and Muhannad Al-Shanqiti, which made it clear to us that the team was not affected despite these circumstances and indicated that the potential of the substitute players in Al-Ittihad is great.

Perhaps the technical reading of the coach in the middle of the game gave the addition and suggested the balance of the team.

He added: “We looked at the cold and how to deal with it and control the course of the match, and we noticed the development of Aaron Kamara in the last two games, how he made a difference and scored 3 goals, and that counts. for the player and his resistance to pressure and work to get back to his level before he gets to union, but there are things to which coach Cosmin must pay attention, that is to say the welcome The easy goals in the last 3 games, despite the presence of Grohe, Hegazy and Ziad, and the weakness in the fixed and mobile crosses ”.

Regarding the absence of Hijazi in the next period, Al-Qaruni confirmed that Hijazi is a great defender, but the return of Muhannad, Al-Maliki and Karim and the organization of the defense by the manager will show this line well. and they won’t be impressed much.

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