Al-Razi Medical Company’s 20% Shares Offered to Qualified Investors for Nomu Listing – Subscription Now Open!

Al-Razi Medical Company Shares up for Subscription by Qualified Investors


Today, Sunday 4 June 2023, the subscription by qualified investors of 304,000 shares of Al-Razi Medical Company began, to be listed on the parallel market “Nomu”.

Capital and Share Details

The shares offered represent 20% of the company’s capital of 15.2 million riyals, divided in 1.52 million shares, and the price range was set between 24 and 28 riyals per share.

Subscription Period

The subscription period for qualified investors of the shares offered continues for a period of 3 days and ends on Tuesday 6 June.

In conclusion, interested qualified investors have the chance to participate in Al-Razi Medical Company’s shares subscription and join the success of this recognized medical services provider.

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