Al-Safadi Commends Saudi Arabia’s Historical Role in Protecting the Nation’s Cause

The Ambassador of the Custos of the Two Holy Mosques in Jordan, Nayef bin Bandar Al-Sudairi, received today, in his office at the embassy, ​​the Speaker of the Jordanian Parliament, Ahmed Al-Safadi. the fraternal relations between the two countries, joint cooperation in various fields and ways to improve and develop them.

Al-Safadi said: “The positions of the two countries, under the leadership of the Guardian of the Two Holy Mosques, King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud and King Abdullah II bin Al-Hussein – may God protect them – always go to support the interests of the our Arab and Islamic nations, indicating the level of permanent coordination and consultation between the two leaderships.

He stressed the depth of Saudi-Jordanian relations and the constant desire to develop them, explaining that what unites them in terms of common problems and interests and deeply rooted brotherly relationships prompts them to strengthen joint cooperation in all fields.

Al-Safadi praised the Kingdom’s positions in support of Jordan and said: “The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, under the directives of the Guardian of the Two Holy Mosques – may God protect him -, has never given up supporting Jordan, which we appreciate and appreciate”.

The President of the Jordanian Parliament hailed the positions of the Kingdom and its historic role in defending the right cause of the nation, and the role of the Shura Council in defending various issues of Arab and Islamic nations, emphasizing that the Kingdom has stood by Jordan in various circumstances and conditions and the contributions he has made to support Jordan and establish development and investment projects, reflects the enthusiasm of the Kingdom’s leadership, government and people to stand by Jordan.

He described the anniversary of the founding of the Saudi state as historic, noting that the establishment of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia was and will remain a safety valve to protect Arab national security from any threat.

Al-Safadi stressed that his country is proud of the high level of bilateral relations between the two countries, which he defined as historic and deep-rooted, noting the enthusiasm of King Abdullah II and the Custos of the two holy mosques to develop them.

He stressed that joint parliamentary coordination with the Kingdom is continuous and at the highest level.

In turn, Ambassador Al-Sudairi stressed the depth of Saudi-Jordanian relations and the importance of solidarity and cooperation between the two sibling countries, indicating that there is ongoing coordination and consultation between the two countries’ leaderships, in a way that strengthens bilateral relations and pushes them forward, and serves issues of common concern.