Al-Saidi: These sectors will benefit the most from “Expo 2020”

The president of Nasser Al-Saidi and Partners, Dr. Nasser Al-Saidi, pointed out that one of the most important repercussions of the UAE hosting Expo 2020 is the expansion of infrastructures, such as the transport network, and the new digital economy will be important to open up new areas in global trade.

Al-Saidi added in an interview with “Al Arabiya” that the goal is On the Dubai sign in these 6 months starting from OctoberFor the future, which reflects the recovery of the economy of the Emirates, and of Dubai in particularly, through tourism and commercial and investment activities.

Al-Saidi pointed out that about 7 or 8 billion dollars have been spent on this hosting, according to preliminary data, up to 10 billion dollars, and the private sector had contributed to it, and would give a boost to the economy, positively return. to state revenues.

He felt that the UAE’s all-time economic package will add to the expected economic impact of Expo 2020, which will begin in less than a month, as Dubai expects to attract 25 million visitors during the exhibition period, despite Corona’s challenges.

Al-Saidi expected that reaching $ 20 billion in revenues from Expo 2020, which will be the first to be held in the Arab region, will attract many visitors from China, as it hosted its latest edition in Shanghai.

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