Al-Shabi in Al-Madina: green reaches the most important milestone

Tunisian coach, Saudi football expert, captain Abdul Razzaq Al-Shabi, former coach of the Abha team, congratulated Al-Akhdar and his coaching staff, after obtaining the maximum score from the first and second games of the Asian qualifying final for the 2021 World Cup.

Chebbi told Al-Madina that beginnings are always very important and difficult for any team, and it is normal for various mistakes to occur, but most importantly in this stage remains the results.

Al-Shabbi continued: “The Greens in the first round faced Vietnam, a team that wanted to show their presence in the group, and their players stood out for their enthusiasm, which caused the green defense with relative confusion, especially at the ‘start of Each team wants to predict a perfect start, but despite the Saudi team’s delay with a goal at the start, the experience of some players on the team has overturned the result and tipped the scales towards the green with the first three points .

The Tunisian coach added that, in the Oman match, the performance improved compared to the match against Vietnam, and there was a connection between the lines of the team, which helped him to impose control over the entire match and to take advantage of a single opportunity that was made the most of the green attack.

He said: “It is true that the level has not lived up to the aspirations of the Saudi fans, but the most important thing is to get points at the beginning, because it gives the players a moral boost and confidence for what is to come., Especially against Japan.

Al-Shabi stressed that the pressure will be on Japan due to its need for match points and to catch up with the Saudi national team.

Chebbi stressed that the team’s six points will contribute to the development of the level, and with the arrival of the team in the third game, the harmony will be better than in the first and second games, and mistakes will disappear with the presence of an illustrious coach like Renard, who has experience with African teams, and every team he has coached has left a strong footprint in he.

Abd al-Razzaq al-Shabi explained that those who criticize the Saudi defense, be it Abdullah Mado or Abd al-Ilah al-Omari, must be more realistic and praise what the two players have provided, because this experience is new to them. and it will have a lot if players find enough support.

On the offensive level, between Al-Shabbi, Fahd Al-Mawlid remains a big and important star on the team map, and the qualifiers are long and the team desperately needs all the elements of experience and confidence that Fahd has found from Renard will show its fruits in the next period.

As for Abdullah Al-Hamdan, he is a young player with a good future that awaits him. He didn’t have enough opportunities with hers club and the national team, and with the passage of time and friction, will develop and benefit the Saudi attack.

Saleh Al-Shehri is a striker who has everything a manager needs as an alternative or grassroots player offering the desired benefit of him, which is to score goals and disperse defenses.

Finally, Hervé Renard got what he wanted, following the same approach as the national team coach, Van Marwijk. in every match with the same names and not much change in matches, but achieved the desired goal.

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