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Al-Sudairy: Relations with Jordan have acquired a distinct diplomatic character

The Ambassador of the Guardian of the Two Holy Mosques in Jordan, Nayef bin Bandar Al-Sudairy, affirmed the strength and cordiality of the relationship between the Kingdom and Jordan, emphasizing that it took on a distinct diplomatic character, and was characterized by its deep-rooted heritage that transcends all concepts and the dimensions of interests and determinants, based on credibility, solidarity and clarity in dealing.This came during his participation today. in a dialogue session organized by the Jordanian Masarat Foundation for Development and Development, with the participation of numerous politicians and specialists.

During the session, moderated by Professor of International Studies, Dr. Hassan Al-Momani, he said: “Saudi-Jordanian relations are historical and strategic, both from the point of view of roots, history, identity and kinship, both from a strategic and vital perspective, where the same challenges, common interests, directions and a single destiny “.

Ambassador Al-Sudairy made it clear that Saudi-Jordanian relations today are stronger than ever and represent a distinct episode and model to follow in joint Arab action, which is confirmed by the state of permanent coordination and ongoing consultation between the two. countries at the highest levels and the unity of their position towards various Arab, regional and global issues.

In the session, he touched on a number of issues in the region, the region and the world, as well as the vision of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia 2030.

The session was attended by former Jordanian Prime Minister Taher Al-Masry, members of the Jordanian parliament and former ministers.


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