Al-Sudani newspaper: A load of weapons seized at Khartoum airport, coming from Addis Ababa

THE media Sudanese reported today, Sunday, that a shipment of weapons was seized at Khartoum International Airport, which is said to have arrived via a plane from the Ethiopian capital, Addis Ababa, on Saturday evening.

The Al-Sudani newspaper quoted a member of the “Removing Empowerment” committee, Wajdi Saleh, as saying the seized weapons belong to popular security.

On the other hand, the site web Sudan Tribune, citing Saleh, said the seized shipment included 72 boxes containing automatic rifles, noting that part of the shipment “leaked from the airport to an unknown destination.”

Saleh added that the information indicates that the source of the shipment is Russia, and that it has arrived in Ethiopia since May 2019, during the sit-in before the Army General Command, and People’s Security is likely to be the beneficiary of this shipment, according to the news site.

For months Sudan and Ethiopia have been facing ongoing tensions across the border and the flow of thousands of Ethiopians in escape from Tigray towards the Sudanese border, as well as the thorny row of the Renaissance dam, whose negotiations are in stalled for years.

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