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Al-Wahda has run out of efficiency. Seek the help of 8 players in “Winter”

Al-Wahdawis is in anticipation of obtaining the financial efficiency to register the eight players that the administration attracted at the beginning of the season in course, and it was not in able to register them in that time for lack of financial efficiency.

Sources indicate that the administration has completed all financial claims against him and submitted documents for payment of all his financial obligations for this period.

It should be noted that the eight players continue their training with the team, and the Tunisian Habib Ben Ramadan, coach of the Al Wahda team, aspires to be registered in the current market to strengthen the ranks of his team with experienced and foreign players.

Al Wahda occupies the fifth place with 27 points, five points behind the leader and the second, and the team suffers from instability in the level and in the results, especially in the matches that have taken place in his homeland, in how much he lost a lot of points, which was enough to lead the championship with good successes, but did not benefit from the elements of the terrain and the public, and especially the victories achieved by the team in away from home.

Spaniard Botia had joined the squad’s lineup after returning from his country after a short vacation there to heal his recent injury.Today Al Wahda meets Al Orouba in Al Jawf, and the team seeks to win to narrow the difference between of them and the boss.

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