Alabama general Tua Tagovailoa ‘not very sure’ he will leave for NFL draft

Tua Tagovailoa said Tuesday he is “not sure” whether he will enter the 2020 NFL Draft or return to Alabama for his senior season after suffering a hip injury that will end in November.

“Think of the risk reward when you come back, think of the risk reward on departure,” Tagovailoa told ESPN in an interview. “Now is not the time to make emotional decisions. Now, you have to change your mind as an entrepreneur, you have to make business decisions.”

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Tagovailoa spoke in favor of and against both decisions in interviews with ESPN and The Tuscaloosa News.

“The danger, if I stay, is obvious,” Can I be hurt again? “The reward is that I could come back and have a good year, like my second year, and climb back to the top of the draft (NFL),” Tagovailoa told The Tuscaloosa News.

If Tagovailoa leaves, the 6-1 general said he thinks he has a 50% chance of being selected in the first round. He was sure to be first rounded before his hip dislocated against the Mississippi State on Week 11 and is cautious about accepting the reduced position mark.

“Yes, I’ll pay millions, but a lot of money I could make (as a higher option), you can’t make that money,” he told ESPN. “That would be to leave money on the table.”

The draft deadline for the draft is January 20, but Tagovailoa said she is not sure when it will reach its final decision.

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Prior to his hip injury, Tagovailoa recovered from a high ankle sprain that prevented him from fully exercising the week before tackling the Bulldogs. He told the news agency that it was ultimately his decision to play – not Nick Saban’s coach – and that the biggest hurdle was mental rather than physical.

“I didn’t get a live representative in practice. I didn’t start (training) until Wednesday or Thursday, so I wasn’t going to work live against the team of investigators on how to say (Mississippi State), how to put protections, when should it be protected, “Tagovailoa said. “But I could move. That wasn’t the issue.

“Coach Saban told me, ‘We’ll play you if you want to play and if not, we won’t be crazy.’ So it was really up to me and I chose to play.”

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