Alabama kicker tweets praise to fans after losing goal against Auburn

Alabama kicker tweets praise to fans after losing goal against Auburn

The tweet is up, and it’s good.

Alabama kicker Joseph Bulovas had a very good Saturday: he was 6 for 6 at extra points and nailed a 43-yarder, keeping the Tide step-by-step with the Tigers. With just minutes to play, Bulovas had the opportunity to link him to a 30-yard field goal and get him on the left-hand side, giving Auburn the victory.

Well, Bulovas thought a lot about it, and on Tuesday, he wrote an apology to Alabama fans about the flub.

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The letter states:

After looking at the game, I just wanted to apologize for the full Crimson Tide nation. No one was more frustrated than myself. Regardless of the circumstances, this is a kick I have to make in my sleep and no one is as great of a critic as I am. For my fans, my coaches and my teammates. We promise you you’ll never see a job as hard as I do for my entire career, because I owe it to you all. I refuse to let this be more than a hit on the road and I’m sure I’ll get better because of it. I wear my feelings on my sleeve and that was hard to say, but I have confidence in this group and myself and that is the motivation to move on. I have and will always give him everything I have for this team that will never change. God blesses and regrets.

-Joseph Bulovas

At least one person supports Bulovas and that is Alabama Chief Nick Saban. Saban expressed support for Bulovas after the loss:

“Joe’s game is just a game, a game neither wins nor loses,” Saban said. “There were a lot of other projects that put us in the situation we were in. I know no one feels worse than Joe, he’s a great young man.”

Friends of the tide took to Twitter on Saturday, criticizing and attacking the sophomore. However, the 48 points that gave up the Tide defense had nothing to do with it.


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