Alan Wake 2 Shifts Launch Date to Avoid Nightmare of Video Game Releases in Q4 2023

Alan Wake 2 does not want to live a nightmare to cause from the exit tunnel, it reports son launch

Are we really ready for the tunnel of video game releases that is fast approaching? Over the announcements of developers, publishers and manufacturers, on noticed that a huge traffic jam of video games was preparing for this last quarter of the year 2023. Jumble, on can for example cite, Starfield, Baldur’s Gate 3 (on PS5), the first DLC of Pokemon Purple and Scarlet, Lees of P, Pay Day 3the expansion Phantom Liberty of Cyberpunk 2077, EA Sports FC 24, Assassin’s Creed Mirage, Forza Motorsport, Lords of the Fallen, Marvel’s Spider-Man 2In short, no need to draw you a picture: everything will follow at a particularly frantic pace. And if the players are already shaking, they’re not the only ones!

Inevitably, when theon is a developer, on dream of going out son next title without having to think that another game might overshadow it on the shelves. For this last quarter of 2023, the operation seems somewhat complicated car the previously mentioned titles all had the good idea to come out a few days apart. Is it too late to do machine back? Not necessarily! As on saw him a few days ago with Assassin’s Creed Miragethe developers have chosen to bring forward the release date: initially scheduled for October 12, the newest member of the Assassin family arrive so a week earlier, October 5.

Alan Wake 2 is getting closer to Halloween to give us a cold sweat

That being said, this last minute modification is not a bad thing since it allows Assassin’s Creed Mirage to distance itself from the other behemoths expected for the same period. This abrupt change, the developers of Remedy decided to apply it to their next creation, namely Alan Wake II. While he had to coexist between the fights and the atmosphere Soulsesques of Lords of the Fallen and the cobwebs of Marvel’s Spider-Man 2Remedy’s next game wanted to scare us by announcing son report. Finally, a very small scare since the shift is not that important!

Does Alan Wake’s frightening sequel play the frightened? One could believe it from prime on board, but it’s more of a vile ruse than a lack of courage. Indeed, by shifting its release by ten days, thus going from October 17 to October 27, Alan Wake 2 leaves a boulevard since no title will overshadow him at the end of October, nor at the beginning of November. At finalthe most to be pitied in this story is none other than the remake of the cult Alone in the Dark who thus finds himself caught between two fires has cause its release date, which is set for October 25.

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