Alan Wake II: The Highly Anticipated Sequel with Two Campaigns Revealed in Dark Trailer | Release Date and Platforms

Late Wake Up

Alan Wake II is clearly one of those projects that theon barely dared to hope some time ago: It’s been 13 years since the first game was inaugurated on Xbox 360 to leave us on our hunger, the fault of one of the greatest cliffhangers in the history of video games. However, Remedy never really abandoned its franchise since without telling anyone – well, for a while at least – the studio Finn was working on son own extended universe, Quantum Break and Control actually set in the world of Alan Wake.

A clever way to give meaning to the events experienced by the writer more than a decade ago, which will finally find a concrete sequel with this highly anticipated second opus. For once, two campaigns will be offered from the launch of the game: one with Alan Wake who will have to get out of his nightmarish dimension and the other with Saga Anderson, a new playable character and FBI agent, investigating disappearances and other paranormal phenomena. The lifespan is even announced as Saga Anderson making about twenty hours.

A Dark Trailer to Wait

We knew that Alan Wake II would be present for the Opening Night Live, the famous gamescom opening ceremony hosted by Geoff Keighley, and there was no shortage of it: for once, It was even with him that the evening ended! The highlight of the show, some would say, driven directly by THE face of Remedy Sam Lake, who came to say a few words directly on stage.

Above all, we were entitled to a new trailermixing live-action and sequences in-game for the most realistic effect: the atmosphere is black, frankly horrifying and shamelessly flirting with pure terror to lead to an experience that promises to be… intense. We let you watch the trailer in the player YouTube just above and we’ll end on this crucial note: the game will be released on October 27, 2023 digitally only on PC, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series. Take a date, car on this day you will plunge into hell.

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