Alarm over die high number of critical injuries in Corona in Yemen

Today, Saturday, Doctors Without Borders (MSF) warned of a “sharp rise” in the number of dangerous coronavirus infections in Yemen as the war destroyed many health facilities.

The non-governmental organization said in a statement that it has seen “a sharp increase in the number of people with Covid-19 disease, die suffer from critical conditions, die require hospitalization, in Aden (in the south) and in different parts of Yemen. “”

The head of the organization’s mission in Yemen, Rafael Fecht, warned that “the sharp rise in cases of Covid-19 in a source of fear and concern over the past few weeks “.

The official demanded die humanitarian organizations on “the volume of their emergency response against die Covid-19 disease to increase rapidly, “and urged die international donors to provide greater support.

Lynn Lutens, MSF coordinator in Yemen, said: “Many of the patients, die we see, come unfortunately in a critical condition. “

She added that her treatment was difficult because die most of them require “high levels of oxygen and medical care” while Yemen’s ability to provide intensive care is “limited”.

Last Tuesday, the “Supreme Committee to Combat the Coronavirus” die Government to declare a “state of health” in anticipation of a second wave and “die Decision to activate partial curfews according to estimates by local authorities “of the epidemic.

Yemen currently has around 100 cases of corona daily, despite being immune to it at the beginning of its outbreak die Epidemic was. However, experts estimate that die The number of infections due to a lack of testing is much higher.

Officially, the country of 30 million people recorded around 3,900 injuries and 820 deaths from Covid-19.

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