Alex Jones loses final it causes on The Sandy Hook Massacre

Conspiracy expert Alex Jones has been held accountable by default in a civil lawsuit filed in Connecticut for families of Victims of the Sandy Hook massacre. Jones failed provide documents related to his business.

Monday’s ruling builds up on a precedent decision by a Texas court, which last month alike found Jones responsible for default. In both matters, Jones thwarted the court’s discovery, defying court orders to provide pertinent information. materials.

Families of 10 victims, two in Texas and eight in Connecticut, ask for damages from the popular conservative guest, who claimed that the 2012 mass shooting in Newtown, Connecticut was put in scene. Jones claimed the tragedy was “joke” intended for give public support squeeze gun controls and branded people involved in it “Actors of the crisis”.

After killing his mother, the 20-year-The old shooter went to Sandy Hook Elementary School, shot down 20 students and six school employees e took own life.

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Alex Jones loses two cause Legal Sandy Hook by default over failure provide documents

Alex Jones loses two cause Legal Sandy Hook by default over failure provide documents

All the cause for defamation were filed against Jones in 2018. Plaintiffs claimed damages for years of emotional distress and harassment by people who bought in Jones’s claims. Among the applicants in the Connecticut case was an FBI agent who responded to the shooting and was branded as a participant of the “joke” by Jones.

The guest in later acknowledged what the massacre was real, but claims it is used by the United States government to curb the freedoms of Americans with help from the families of the victims.

In both states, courts have said Jones refused to provide documents on his business operation, which led them to issue rare judgments of liability for absentia. Judges in Texas and Connecticut ordered him to deposit materials to evaluate if he and his media Infowars outlet took advantage of its promotion of conspiracy theory Jones claimed to have suffered from drop in public share after making hers false allegations about Sandy Hook.

Commenting on the sentence on Monday, Jones She said that he was denied a trial by a jury and it was found “Guilty until proven guilty; the only question is how I am guilty “. He was referring to the fact That in both cases were found liable by a judge, while the amount of damages would be determined by a jury next year.

Jones’s attorneys have said they will appeal new dominant. “We remain confident that, in in the end, Sandy Hook families can’t prove or liability or damage. We think their lawyers know this; hence the desperate effort to obtain a default “, said his attorney Norman Pattis.

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