“Alex Scott’s Near-Death Experience: Traumatised by Uber Driver Who Threatened to Kill Her in Russia”

Alex Scott, a former Arsenal legend and BBC football pundit, recounts her terrifying attempted kidnapping ordeal in her book How (Not) To Be Strong. While in Russia to cover the 2018 World Cup, Scott decided to use a local Uber instead of the BBC-approved pre-booked cars. Within minutes of getting into the car, Scott knew that there was a problem when the driver, a stocky bald man with a grin on his face, told her in English, “Tell them they will never see you again.” The driver then used Google Translate to tell Scott that he was not taking her home and described the horrible things he had done to women, adding that “girls like me never make it home.”

Frightened by the driver’s threats, Scott tried to think of a way to escape. She told him that he couldn’t kill her because she had an appointment with Russian President Vladimir Putin the next day, showing him pictures of herself at the Kremlin, which had made the Russian national newspapers that day. This seemed to rattle the driver, and he decided to take her back to her hotel. However, upon arrival, he tried to kiss her and touch her legs, which Scott brushed off and chose not to confront.

Scott’s experience is a reminder of the danger women can face when traveling alone. Despite her quick thinking and brave response, Scott’s story highlights the importance of taking precautions when traveling, such as using pre-booked cars and keeping people informed of your whereabouts. It also serves as a reminder to always trust your gut and be aware of your surroundings.