Alexa finally gets a new name is voice: How to change them up on your Amazon Echo

Alexa finally gets a new name is voice: How to change them up on your Amazon Echo

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The digital assistant I have always called Alexa has a new name – Ziggy – ea new, with a typically masculine sound voice, mashed potato. You are free to mix and remix those – options anyway you want, as there are separate settings for voice and wake up word (e one is not connected to the other).

This is not the first time you had options – Alexa already it had other, er, “names” (if you can call them that). can already set your echo device to reply to “Amazon”, “Echo” or “Computer” and to “Alexa”.

But “Ziggy” is the first first name name to display as an option in addition to “Alexa”. While some have suggested that “Ziggy” signals a “masculine” name, I am not sure. For me it is evocative of David Bowie’s character Ziggy Stardust, an alien androgynous of the future, sent to help Land. Coincidence? But I’m digressing …

Regardless, even if the AI ​​it powers Amazon Echo smart speakers are known colloquially as Alexa – and the voice that has up until now he has embodied those speakers sounds typically feminine: If you ask, Alexa will tell you, “As an AI, I don’t have a gender.”

Sure, the three celebrities voice options you can pay to put on your Amazon Echo device – Samuel L. Jackson, Melissa McCarthy And Shaquille O’Neal – they are all gendered. But those add-on they don’t replace everything Alexa says – just some selected answers, like weather, timers and some more.


by Amazon voice assistant lives on all types of Echo smart speakers, display and even earphones.

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How to change Echo’s wake word in “Ziggy”

The “wake word” is the name you say out strong to evoke Amazon? digital voice assistant. The steps they are the same whether you are want to change it in “Ziggy” or whatever of the other options. There is the easy way – say “Alexa [or whatever your current wake word is], change the wake word “and then answer one of the choices Alexa gives you. Then there is the hard way:

  1. Open the Alexa app, then tap Devices on in the menu bar in low, touch Eco and Alexa in high, then tap the name of the device Whose awake word are you? want change.
  2. Click the Settings (gear) icon in in top right corner, then scroll down and touch Wake up Word, then tap one you would have like to use.
  3. A popup will notify you that it may take a few minutes effect — faucet ok.

How to change your Echos? voice (to work with any wake word)

Just like with wake up word, there is an easy one way – “Alexa, change yours voice. “Your echo device want confirm using the new voice. If you switch to the male sound voice, you will be told how to also change the wake word. Then there is the hard way:

  1. To repeat steps 1 and 2 from above, but instead of Wake up Word, faucet Alexa’s voice.
  2. Choose between Original (from the female sound) e New (male sound), so simply back out of that setting.

There you have it – you don’t have much yet of options (Google Home, for example, it has several voices to choose from, even if only one possible wake up word), but you have more Now more than ever.

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