Algeria coach: We are looking forward to the start of the Arab Cup and our aim is to win the title

Algeria: Majid Bougherra, coach of the Algerian national team, has confirmed to local players that his team aims to win the Arabian Cup, which will be hosted by Qatar from 30 November to 18 December. Bougherra stated in an interview on the official website of the Algerian Football Association today, Thursday: “We look forward to the start of the Arab Cup, which will surely be a wonderful and intense competition between Arab teams and in the presence of the public, and it will also be held in the stadiums of the World Cup.” He added: “Purely Arab clashes have always been characterized by competition and enthusiasm. We will do everything to win the title, even if achieving this goal will not be easy given the participation of strong teams such as Egypt, Tunisia and Morocco, as well as Iraq, the Emirates, Lebanon and Sudan, which are participating in their first team. He continued: “Our team has quality and experience and is optimistic about the return to the title. We will play every game as if it were the final of the tournament, compared to all the competitors. Our model will be our first African champions, our philosophy and our identity in the game are clear, only the tactical aspect remains with which we have to deal “. Bougherra stressed that the Algerian national team will be at the center of everyone’s attention, stressing that the issue requires wisely addressing the pressures that will be imposed on the players and the team as a whole. Bougherra also defended his options regarding the players who will participate in the Arab Cup, explaining that the interest of the first team, which is preparing to defend the title in Cameroon early next year made it necessary to rely on active players in the Arab leagues instead of the Algerian league. Bougherra indicated that his project with the Algerian national team is the African Nations Championship for local players in program in Algeria in 2023, noting that his speech with the players was clear from the start and that he informed the players of this from the first field. Bougherra invited i media Algerians not to create problems with active players in the Algerian league due to the choice not to participate in the Arab Cup, noting that this will not help the coach or the players themselves in the African local league. Bougherra, on the other hand, expected the 2022 World Cup in Qatar will be a wonderful tournament in all respects, both organizational and in terms of facilities it will provide to fans who will not have to travel long distances. that the Arab Cup will be a replica of the World Cup. Interestingly, the Arab Cup draw put Algeria in the fourth group along with teams from Egypt, Sudan and Lebanon. (Dpa)

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