Algerian company exports first batch of gas "argon" Rare in France and Italy

An Algerian company specializing in the production of medical and industrial gases has succeeded in exporting the first batch of rare argon to France and Italy.

Ryan Oakes said in a statement that two containers of two tanks (Iso-Tank) with a capacity of more than 20 tons each were sent to France and Italy.

The statement said the two operations will be followed by “other deliveries that will last until December 2023.”

The statement added that “other customers from Europe have confirmed their requests” and that the company will send them when “export licenses are obtained.”

Notably, the Ryan Oaks plant, which was launched in 2017, entered into an investment process in the second half of 2021 to meet oxygen demand during the coronavirus pandemic.

The plant is located in the Betiua area (Oran) and covers an area of ​​more than 24,000 square meters and includes 5 air separation plants, mainly for the production of oxygen, the production of dinitrogen, carbon dioxide and acetylene. , in addition to filling and mixing medical and industrial gases.

Source: Al-Shoruk, Algeria.