Algerian fans chant the name of Abu Trika and Palestine in the stands of the stadiums in Qatar – (video)

Doha – “Al-Quds Al-Arabi”: Algerian fans drew attention to the Arab Cup, hosted by Qatar, with special choirs and choirs, in defense of the Palestinian cause, always present among supporters of the Greens. News this time in the stadiums of the South in match between Algeria and Lebanon, where Algerian fans chanted the name of the former Egyptian star Mohamed Aboutrika, very popular among Algerians. “God is great, Abu Trika” .. The #Algeria fans sing for Abu Trika in the 22nd minute during their team’s game with the #Liban in the Arab Cup / NLkaZV1nS4 – Al-Jazeera (@AJArabic) December 4, 2021 During the first half of the match, which Algeria won with two goals against the Lebanese team, the Algerians were thrown into the throat by Bassem Aboutrika. Then the masses continued the bond with the songs by chanting Algeria’s permanent solidarity with the Palestinian cause. The Algerian masses, as usual, shake the stands in name of Palestine … Palestine the martyrs … Algeria is the factory of men and martyrs … God protect Algeria and its people faithful to its principles and honorable positions towards Palestine Greetings to the Algerian people and to his wise leadership #Algeria #Gulf #Palestine #Egypt #Morocco #Morocco / 5VULbRG9i1 – Jamal Rayyan (@jamalrayyan) December 4, 2021 Abu Trika enjoys special appreciation in Algeria after rejecting the media escalation between Egypt and Algeria following the crisis in the match of the two teams in Sudan in 2009, which the Egyptian team lost, and Algeria qualified for the World Cup in 2010. Scientists, celebrities, sports figures, media and singers are moving in support of former Egyptian football star Mohamed Aboutrika and analyst on BN Sports after the attack he has been subjected to ever since his statements on the English Premier League and homosexuality . The campaign has started since Abu Trika appeared during one “studio of analysis “for the Chelsea-Manchester United match on” BN Sports “, where Abu Trika criticized the Premier League initiative to support the LGBT community. Mohamed Aboutrika is considered one of the best Egyptian footballers in his history, he has already won the award for the best player in Africa and contributed to the most important achievements of the club of Al-Ahly and the Egyptian national team in the 21st century.

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