Algerian Sports Minister Responds to Hafid Draghi on Morocco Obtaining Right to Organize African Nations 2025

London – “Al-Quds Al-Arabi”: Algerian Minister of Youth and Sports, Abdel-Razzak Sabkak, commented on the publication of his compatriot, sports commentator Hafid Darraji, in regarding Algeria’s bid to host the 2025 African Cup of Nations. Hafid Darraji, commentator of the sports channels “BN Sports”, had recently written a post on his personal page of the “Facebook” website, in which confirmed that Algeria’s chances of winning the continental competition organization after almost two years are non-existent and that the Moroccan neighbor has resolved the behind-the-scenes issues early. Abdul Razzaq Sabqaq held a press conference on Tuesday, in to which he said: “Mr. Hafeez Draghi, we respect him as an accomplished journalist, and he has news from reliable sources, but he is not a member of the Executive Office of the Confederation of African Football (CAF) nor is its president”, as reported by the website “Russia”. Today”. He added: “I consider what Draghi has published as an analysis, nothing more, nothing less, and we know that lobbying is necessary in such competitions, and we are working on our part to defend our file with all our strength”. And Sabak continued: “In any case, we take in consideration what Draghi said, to be more careful in addressing this issue, but I confirm that things have not yet been resolved ». And he stressed: “Our file is strong and the days are between us, and in the case in that another country can defeat us in cleanly, we will accept it with open arms, but if things work out behind the scenes without studying who owns the strongest file, we will act in based on this”. The Algerian minister also mentioned the recent visit by Patrice Motsepe, president of the CAF, in Algeria, where he brought good news to Algerians, saying: “Dr. Motsepe, during his conversation with President Tebboune, touched on the issue of injustice against which Algeria was subjected in the 2022 World Cup qualifiers and pledged to address corruption within African football.” He added that Motsepe promised that “the competition to host a continental event must be an honorable competition for all.” Abdul Razzaq Sabqaq concluded his speech by saying, “We are optimistic and the days that separate us are sufficient to give us a satisfactory answer”.