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Algiers guide "direct invitation" Italians to invest in the production of cars and motorcycles

Algerian Prime Minister Ayman bin Abdel Rahman sent a “direct invitation” to Italian officials and businessmen to invest in the auto, motorcycle and agricultural equipment sectors, Al-Shoruk said.

This happened within the framework of the Algerian-Italian Economic Forum, at which Ayman Ben Abdel Rahman announced the return of the engineering industry after the stagnation in which it had been in recent years, under strict conditions, taking into account the percentage of integration and be sure to attach it to the loading – unloading activities without repeating the mistakes of the past.

Ben Abdel Rahman reviewed Algeria’s golden investment opportunities in front of 300 Algerian and Italian companies who met under the roof of the International Conference Center for a business forum following the fourth governmental summit of the two countries, under the slogan “Toward a new approach to economic partnership”, reports the newspaper “Echoruk”.

He emphasized that “the forum was the embodiment of the instruction of the presidents of the two countries to move forward in a real partnership, increase investment for the benefit of both parties and takes place in a special context dictated by difficult global conditions, as well as in the light of major political and strategic reforms undertaken by Algeria to building a strong state, improving the exploitation of its material and human resources and striving to improve the business climate.

The Prime Minister of Algeria continued: “This meeting provides an opportunity to see the level of development that Algeria has witnessed and the major projects it has undertaken, as well as learn about the competitive advantages that our country has in various sectors”, pointing to “the privileges available Italy, thanks to the free trade zones of which Algeria is a member, especially in the African region, and he has increased the incentives approved by the new investment law and the possibilities of land crossings and shipping lines”, where he spoke about “The launch of new lines, soon with Senegal, Libya and Italy, not to mention a few airlines,” reports Al-Shoruk.

Ayman bin Abdul Rahman stressed “the opportunity to partner with Italians in the food industry, the emerging business sector, technology and tourism.”

He noted that “it is expected to grow even more in the current year, as exchanges worth $4.3 billion were achieved in the first six months of the year alone.”

He noted that “29 Italian investment projects in Algeria have created 1,221 jobs,” adding: “This does not match the strength of the political relationship. Renewable Energy”.

For his part, Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi spoke of “strengthening relations between the two countries through mutual visits of officials in recent weeks and the signing of important agreements”, stressing that “investing in Algeria is an irreplaceable opportunity.”

He continued: “The forum takes place in a historical context in which Algeria celebrates its sixtieth anniversary of independence, as the strong relationship that unites Algeria and Italy is confirmed by friendship, dates and partnerships in several sectors, namely infrastructure, transport and agriculture. Our relationship was not interrupted even in the most difficult circumstances, and we will continue to work together in the future.

Source: “Sunrise”


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