Ali Babacan: Turkey has reached a crossroads

Today, Monday, the head of the Democratic Party and the progress of the Turkish opposition, Ali Babacan, criticized President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, saying that “he has nothing more to offer to the country, which is at a crossroads”.

Ali Babacan explained, according to i media local authorities, that Turkey has reached a crossroads and that Erdogan’s government “is trying to change the laws, to ensure that the next elections are resolved in its favor”.

Babacan said during his attendance at one of his party’s events that they will greet their partners (in referring to the Nationalist Movement Party) in power as soon as possible, and added: “They realize that they can no longer win elections under the current rules, so they start playing with the law.”

He continued: “We will say goodbye to large and small partners in power as soon as possible, we will quickly bring Turkey to the pace and justice. Nothing will be the same in Turkey”.

Babacan added: “We will no longer allow Turkey to be a country that oppresses the weak force and tyranny prevails. There is no doubt that an unjust account does not bring the pace. We will not follow this cursed path. We are determined not to leave our country to a ruthless minority that feeds on revenge. “.

Babacan addressed those who voted for Erdogan’s party, saying: “You know very well that the AKP and Erdogan no longer have a new story to write.”

And he added: “I realize that you are tired of carrying heavy burdens. Now things are changing. Let us be a cure for Turkey. We do not allow to deduct even a small part of the vested rights. We will work until the end to restore the usurped rights “.

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