Alibaba compete with Amazon and Microsoft with a new innovation

Ecommerce giant Alibaba announced its latest new processors today Tuesday to support its cloud computing business and compete with its rivals. in America, Amazon and Microsoft.

The company called the new processor “Yitian 710”, which is dedicated to the company’s new servers called Panjiu.

The company will not sell the processor or servers directly to customers, but cloud computing customers will purchase services based on the latest technology announced. He explained that these servers are dedicated to artificial intelligence applications and storage.

The company has not specified a timeline for the availability of these services based on the company’s latest technology, according to CNBC.

Alibaba does not intend to produce semiconductors such as processors, but it is designing them, a similar approach taken by Google and Amazon.

Alibaba sees cloud computing as a major driver for its future growth, but it currently only accounts for around 8% of the company’s total revenue.

Tech giants like Apple, Amazon, Tesla, Baidu, and Facebook are moving away from existing chip companies and trying to design their own semiconductor chips in-house.

Recently, Tesla announced that it is building a “Dojo” chip to train artificial intelligence networks in data centers. In 2019, the automaker began producing cars with custom AI chips that help the software integrated to make decisions in response to what happens on the road.

Last month, Baidu also launched an artificial intelligence chip designed to help devices process huge amounts of data and increase computing power. Baidu said the “Kunlun 2” chip could be used in areas such as autonomous driving and that has entered mass production.

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