Alibaba Launches AI Personal Assistant App Tingwu, Integrated with Tongyi Qianwen Language Model

Alibaba Launches AI Chatbot to Compete with OpenAI


Alibaba launched its AI rival ChatGPT on Thursday as Chinese tech giants look to take the lead in the AI ​​race.

About ChatGPT

ChatGBT, developed by the American company OpenAI, is an AI-based chatbot able to answer questions asked by the user. The app sparked huge interest in the field of Generative AI, the technology that powers ChatGPT.

About Tongyi Qianwen

Last month, Alibaba revealed its “Tongyi Qianwen” large language model, a system trained on massive amounts of data to recognize and create content.

Tingwu – “Tongyi Qianwen” Integration

Alibaba’s cloud computing division, which leads the company’s AI operations, said on Thursday that “Tongyi Qianwen” will be integrated into a digital assistant called “Tingwu”. The AI-powered personal assistant app will be capable of analyzing media content and generating a text summary from video and audio files, according to Alibaba.

DingTalk Integration

Even Tongyi Tingwu, which is now available for public testing, will be integrated for the first time in DingTalk, a messaging service focused on business managed by Alibaba.

Alibaba’s Goals

According to Jingren Zhou, Chief Technology Officer of Alibaba Cloud Computing, “We live in an era in which an increasing amount of video and audio content is consumed every day in different formats. In line with this, Tongyi Tingwu aims to use the big language model to facilitate faster understanding and better and easier sharing of multimedia content.”

Future Features and Collaborations

Alibaba said it will release more features for Tongyi Tingwu later this year, including real-time translation between English and Chinese for multimedia content. The service will be a plug-in for the web browser Google Chrome. The company will also work with enterprise cloud computing customers to build custom AI products based on its language model.


Alibaba’s latest offering comes as Chinese tech giants tout their AI capabilities as a way to boost growth at their businesses, which have been hit by a slowdown in the domestic economy and tightening regulations by China.

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