Aliens 7 dazzle … the spearhead and the sentry in wait

Saudi football is experiencing a brilliant phase: our first national team leads its Asian group with flying colors, overtaking Japan and Australia, and offers great levels, and Al Hilal’s team has qualified for the Champions League final.

There is no doubt that Saudi football is reaping the rewards of interest and great financial support, as it enjoys generous government support, which is positively reflected in the level of Saudi competitions.

THE club They were in able to bargain with seven distinguished professionals, with the support they find, and after the Football Association raised the number of foreign professionals and the issue of foreign professionals to seven, a controversy was raised when the decision between fans and opponents was issued , up to the degree of persuasion.

After the excellent level of the national team and the quality of the players who joined it, the majority agreed that the decision to grant contracts with seven foreign professionals was a direct reason to improve the strength of the league and its positive results for the national teams. reason for their level, and these two centers will benefit in future at the level of local actors. They mentioned the presence of Al Owais, Al Mayouf and Malaikah, in the presence of foreign guards, stressing that the good goalkeeper will impose himself at any cost. They pointed out that the presence of guards like Grohe and Ambulhi helps raise the level The Guards. Same goes for the Ras Al-Spear Center, where the local players will be cleaned up to a high level, but it takes a little patience, but the national team striker must impose himself, looking for the opportunity to participate, and choose the appropriate place in to find this opportunity, like Firas Al-Braikan after we moved to Al-Fateh, unlike players who were promising but missed the opportunity to participate after the move.

Al-Madina interviewed the views of experts and technicians on the reality of the seven foreign professionals, and their views were as follows.

Al Hammadi: Ours team it is reaping great rewards

The critic of media Saleh Al-Hammadi explained that at the beginning of the decision to use 7 professionals, there were supporters and opponents, noting that the opponents were afraid of the negative impact it would have on the national team by reducing the options of the local players.

He said: “After 3 seasons of making the decision, it became clear to everyone through the results on the ground that the result was positive, through the leadership of the national team in its group in the World Cup qualifiers, the presence of two Saudi teams. in the semifinals of the AFC Champions League, and the arrival of a Saudi team at the final of the tournament ».

He added: “I was neither with nor against the decision, and I was neutral in this decision, and today we are seeing these positive results in our league, and I have a proposal for the Saudi Federation regarding the foreign goalkeeper and the foreign striker’s field. to provide opportunities for Saudi players, in these two fields there is a great shortage and the suggestion is as follows:

In case in where a team introduces a foreign goalkeeper and a foreign striker, the allowed number of foreign players in the team is 5 players, and in the case of a foreign striker or a foreign goalkeeper, 6 players are allowed, and in the case in in which neither a foreign goalkeeper nor a foreign striker is inserted, the allowed number becomes 7 players.

I hope the Al-Madina newspaper will conduct another survey for sports fans in this decision “.

Ibn Zekri: The venue has matured with the presence of the “7”

Algerian coach Noureddine Ben Zekri praised the Saudi experience of playing with seven foreign players and its great impact on the development of Saudi football, which contributed to the rise and speed of league matches and the strength of the clubas well as the high marketing value and expansion of views in many countries, thanks to the entry of great players from club international, which contributes to the competition of many club for local and continental leagues.

He said: “We have seen how the Saudi national team has developed in all age groups due to the maturity of the Saudi player thanks to direct contact with illustrious players and coaches, but I disagree with those who speak of the weakness of the guard because of the presence of the foreign goalkeeper. of the foreign goalkeeper, and despite this the local guard There is a bad level due to the lack of friction and the acquisition of experience, for example the presence of two giant guards like Grohe in Al-Ittihad and Casio in Al-Taawoun, the Saudi goalkeeper must benefit from it, and thus reserve a place in the starting line-up in future, and we note that there are illustrious local guards and they have imposed themselves on the greatest club, such as Muhammad Al-Owais and Abdullah Al-Mayouf, and there are promising names in waiting for an opportunity, on condition that they work and persevere ”.

He added: “In attack, the Saudi striker must work on himself and strive and not rush to make a hasty decision. An example of this is a young player like Abdullah Al-Hamdan who has chosen to play for Al-Hilal and it has lost its main position. in offensive line because he did not choose the right decision, and I see that there are club in the middle of the table, the best chance for the Saudi striker, and then there is a pitch after he has gained enough experience to knock out the foreign striker, and he must become a player like before, players like Majed Abdullah and Sami Al-Jaber , and even Yasser Al-Qahtani, who came from Al-Qadisiyah and worked on himself until Per Hilal came and achieved results for himself and his club”.

The Al-Natif family: they formed a positive transformation

Tayseer Al-Natif, former national team goalkeeper and current Abha goalkeeper trainer, felt that the experience of the seven professionals was a positive transformation and a strength for the championship, underlining his happiness with what he saw. of the Saudi player gaining experience and skill with the presence of the foreign element.

He said: “By virtue of my centrality in goalkeepers, the local goalkeeper is in constant development and the evidence is the presence of more than one goalkeeper in the greats club. Al-Hilal, Al-Ahly, Al-Shabab and Al-Faisaly have distinguished guards and their value is constant. Growing in the Olympic and youth teams, all have benefited from the presence of the foreign goalkeeper and, above all, the good goalkeeper will reserve his place as a starting point, whatever the club and its position “.

Mushabab: The differences between the teams have disappeared

Mushabab Ziyad, general supervisor of the Sunni sectors and former national team coach, believes that the results of the presence of the seven professionals are evident in the strength of the national team. in this moment, unlike what happened in passed with the presence of 3 and 4 foreigners.

He said: “The general level of the Saudi national team and player was lower than it is today and we see the strength of ours club in foreign participation, the latest of which is the Saudi derby in the AFC Champions League semifinals, this reflects the fact that the presence of foreign players has a positive impact and fans have also started attending more intensively than before, thanks to the presence of international and illustrious stars in championship”. He added: “In all honesty, there are no downsides in This step, and I am a supporter of this idea, and a good player will be there as a basis in any position, from guard to front line “.

Cleavers: a pioneering and successful idea

Tunisian coach Youssef Al-Mannai, who knows the ins and outs of the Saudi League, felt that the experience of the seven foreigners was a pioneering and successful idea, which gave strength and gave a faster pace and interaction of Saudi players with top-tier and international players and strengthened the spirit of competition, and Saudi players compete with many foreign players in championship. .

At the guard level, we see the guards of Al-Hilal, Al-Nasr and Al-Ahly, the Saudi guard who imposed himself on the foreign guard: if there had been weakness, these club they would have attracted foreign guards.

At the level of attack, in my opinion, the Saudi attacker, even before the application of the seven foreigners, in the period of the presence of three and four foreigners, all club Saudis were bringing foreigners to the offensive line However Yasser Al -Qahtani and Sami Al-Jaber were taking their place and many of the Saudi strikers were taking their place even with the presence of foreigners in the offensive line And in my opinion, this is a very big addition and gave prestige to the league, and the development of the team and the development of the player’s performance in particular, from a tactical point of view.It is true that the Saudi player is technically good, and in previously suffered from lack of discipline and total lack of professionalism, unlike what we see now.

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