All hell is breaking loose in Israeli Prisons After Mass Jailbreak

JERUSALEM-Israel’s prisons face met An rebellion as prisoners associated with the Palestinian Islamic Jihad came in revolt and set fire to cells die to follow the spectacular escape, on Monday, of six fellow prisoners held in one of Israeli best secure prisons.

A dozen cells in two penal institutions were set on fire, and prisoners threatened after their attack met further damage to guards one Gilboa prison jailer with boiling water, according to briefings from prison authorities. The prisoners reportedly protested decision to take them out of their wings, one of the measures taken by the Israeli authorities in the aftermath of the dizzying jailbreak of half a dozen men accused of crimes of terror, who bolted from high security Gilboa prison in Galilee with cartoonish laziness.

Morale has been high among the inmates since the Gilboa jailbreak.

Despite of more than 90 checkpoints set up by the police, die the holiday traffic over the Jewish New Year, and support of 14 army infantry companies and special units, hardly anything has been observed of the fugitives, Zakaria Zubeidi, Iham Kamamji, Monadal Infiat, Yakub Kadari and the brothers Mahmoud and Mohammed Aradeh.

AN shop owner in a northern Israeli village reported that Zubeidi, the best known fugitive, went to be store and early for bread and a ride, in the early dawn hours on Monday. He was turned down and left.

Hours after the jailbreak, Katy Perry, the Prison Service Commissioner, ordered that inmates be displaced to: ensure that only one Islamic Jihad prisoner was posted in a given prison cell at the same time.

The six fugitives, five of who are members? of Islamic Jihad, shared a single cell. Follow Perry’s announcement, about 400 Islamic Jihad-affiliated prisoners were dispersed among the Israelites maximum- secure prisons.

Widespread riots broke out in several top security departments, with almost a dozen cells set on fire.

For now it looks like support the guards down.

The Israel Prison Service (IPS) has decided: against Get on met move Palestinian Islamic Jihad prisoners in several Israeli jails and prisons in the West Bank after prisoners threatened met mass riots, including further actions of arson if they were separated and transferred to other departments of prisons.

“Morale has been high among the inmates since the Gilboa jailbreak,” a senior prison service official told Israeli outlet Walla News. “And were stretched till the end of U.S abilities.”

The Israeli army has deployed for possible mass protests in the occupied West Bank, and for a revival in violence along the border met Gaza, where there is constant fighting for several weeks.

On Wednesday evening, Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett warned that the outbreak “has the potential to affect several arenas,” adding that Israel “is prepared for for any scenario.”

The Palestinian Prisoners Association issued a press release announcing that “all Palestinian prisoners” in Israeli prisons would respond to ‘IPS’ sanctions with an “open confrontation” against prison authorities. Hamas, the Islamic militia die rules the Gaza Strip, Israel warned in a statement “against the sequel of these repressive and retaliatory measures against the captives”, adding that only Israel would be responsible for the resulting consequences.

The worst that has happened place here in decades.

In a press conference on Tuesday, and in An social media campaign underway on Wednesday, Islamic Jihad . shouted on Palestinians to confront the Israeli army “at any location”.

The military wing of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, another extremist group, stated that “our fighters are” on standby, ready and all options to be available to respond and defend our brave prisoners,” should harm befalls them.

In the Palestinian administrative capital of Ramallah, in the West Bank, several dozen people collected in sympathy with the fugitive prisoners on Wednesday evening, and both Israeli and Palestinian authorities fear an escalation of violence similar met the eruption die took place last Can, leading to the ten-day war between Israel and Gaza.

After the calls to action, the Palestinian Jerusalemites came met each other in crash with police at the Damascus Gate in the old town on Wednesday, in scenes die listen back to the disturbances die have led to the battle. The radical factions hope the region in a persistent uprising similar met the first intifada die broke out after a notorious Palestinian prison pause in 1987.

Concerned that the prisoners may have received help from the inside jail, Israeli police interrogated prison guards over The Great Galilee Escape. At least 14 IPS employees were surveyed on Wednesday.

Retired prison deputy commissioner’s service Makleb Tapash said in an interview with the gossip magazine Yedioth Ahronot that the jailbreak is “a shameful incident, the worst that has happened” place here in decades.”

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