“All My Tweets Are Either For Humanity Or Countrymen”

“All My Tweets Are Either For Humanity Or Countrymen”
Irfan Pathan Slams Kangana Ranaut For Criticising Him Of Showing Sympathy Towards Palestine: “All My Tweets Are Either For Humanity Or Countrymen”(Photo Credit – Instagram)

Former Indian cricketer Irfan Pathan on Thursday replied to an earlier jibe at him by Kangana Ranaut, saying his tweets are either for humanity or for his countrymen while the Bollywood actress’ Twitter account has been dismissed for spreading hate.

It all began after Kangana, who has been posting stories on Instagram in support of Israel after getting suspended from Twitter, took a jibe at Irfan, who has been tweeting sympathy towards Palestine.

“All My tweets are either 4 humanity or countrymen, from a point of view of a guy who has represented India at d highest level. On d contrary counters I get from ppl like Kangna who’s account get dismissed by spreading hate n some other paid accounts are only about hate. #planned,” Irfan Pathan tweeted.

Taking to her Instagram Story recently, Kangana had posted the screenshot of a politician’s tweet in Hindi who wrote if Irfan Pathan has so much sympathy for other countries then why is he not bothered about tweeting about West Bengal, which is a part of his own country. The reference was to post-election violence in the state.

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