All the best Christmas movies on Netflix, Disney Plus & TV this year

It’s the right time of year to be happy – provided you can find the right movie, TV marathon, or vacation special to please everyone in your family.

With an abundance of Christmas classics and streaming services full of old and new options, finding the perfect opportunity to watch something on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day or Christmas has never been so difficult. After looking through Netflix, Amazon, Disney Plus, and more for the best options and looking enough to make specific calls, we’ve put together a list that should help every type of vacation ad.

Every Christmas movie, Christmas show and special on Netflix

After Netflix announced plans to dominate the holiday season in November, Netflix continued to bring out new Christmas content throughout the month. You can read the full list here, but we would like to draw your attention to it let it Snowwith Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Vers Shameik Moore or the 2D animation Klauswho finds magic in a grounded approach to the Santa myth. Director Sergio Pablos told Polygon about his idea for the film earlier this year:

I love a story that is a bit cynical at first but unexpectedly leads to an honest truth. I really liked the idea of ​​removing all sorcery from all of these little snippets of Santa’s origin stories and saying how much fun it could be if all of the things you expected to be there just for the sake of doing it actually justified you , somewhat cynical in origin have history that actually led to a truth. I always say that whenever I find the irony, I always find the story. These ideas might buzz around and wait for an angle until I go. And when all the good things about Santa Claus have come about through the actions of the worst person I can imagine. That would make it interesting. The irony is something I’m looking for all the time.

KlausImage: Netflix

The best Christmas movies on Netflix

Earlier this month, Polygon’s employees provided a final leaderboard for every Netflix original Christmas movie. It is a solid mix of hosiery fillers and absolute coal.

On Vacation in the wild: Holiday in the Wild, a film that contains 80 percent footage of Rob Lowe and / or baby elephants, may have been specifically designed to get rich white women to donate all their money to elephant sanctuaries. In this case it is a brilliant film.

On the tragically underestimated Very Murray Christmas: A Very Murray Christmas is like a Christmas party with close friends when these friends are incredibly famous, rich and talented. Here are just a few of the glittering, snowy Manhattan hotel’s guests: George Clooney, Miley Cyrus, Maya Rudolph, Amy Poehler and Jason Schwartzman. Small roles are filled by great talents, such as Jenny Lewis who serves drinks and David Johansen who maintains the bar. The film also brings Bill Murray back together with Lost in Translation director Sofia Coppola. After weeks of celebrating with friends, A Very Murray Christmas is the cinematic Ibuprofen.

Image: Outstanding images

If you just want to watch, it’s a wonderful life

Amazon Prime offers an abundance of Christmas TV films that are reminiscent of the Hallmark. Let us know if it’s worth seeing and recommending Snowed-Inn Christmas, The 12 Dogs of Christmas, and A Baby for Christmas whenever you need an explosion of George Bailey’s moral awakening. The film will also be shown on NBC on Christmas Eve at 8 p.m. EST.

If you just want to see Die Hard

John McTiernan’s action masterpiece is just right for the crowd that gets into the “But it’s a Christmas movie” argument every year. The film can be rented on any platform (iTunes, Amazon, etc.). You can stream it for free on Sony’s Crackle platform and it will play on TV while on vacation. The pop network will broadcast Bruce Willis’ Christmas shoot-up on December 24th at 4:00 p.m., 7:00 p.m. and 10:00 p.m. EST, while Paramount will be showing the film on December 25th at 8:00 a.m. EST. Yippee KI Yay.

ElfPhoto: New Line Cinema

When is every second Christmas special on TV?

If you’re talking about live TV, here’s a quick rundown of what you actually want to see in the next 48 hours. (All times are EST.)

TV highlights on December 24th

AMC, 3:45: The year without Santa
Sunday, 4 and 7 p.m .: White Christmas
TCM, 4 p.m .: It happened on Fifth Avenue
MTV, 5 p.m .: Bad Santa Claus
TCM, 6:15 p.m .: Vacation matter
ABC, 8 p.m .: Santa Claus comes to town
Fox, 8 p.m .: A Christmas story Live!
AMC, 8 p.m .: Eleven
BET, 8 p.m .: A crazy Christmas
FX, 8pm: A Christmas story (a new one from the people who brought you Peaky Blinders!)
TBS, 8 p.m .: A Christmas story
TCM, 8 p.m .: The Bishop’s wife

TV highlights on December 25th

E!, All day: It’s a wonderful life
TBS, all day long: A Christmas story
TNT, all day long: A Christmas story
TCM, 4 p.m .: The shop around the corner
Freeform, 5:50 p.m .: Alone at home
ABC, 8 p.m .: How the Grinch stole Christmas
AMC, 8 p.m .: Eleven
FX, 8 p.m .: A Christmas story
Freeform, 8: 20p: At home alone 2

Christmas films and Disney Plus specials

The recently launched Disney-specific platform is a direct contact point for nostalgic Christmas films and TV specials. If you are looking for something new, there is the new film Noelle with Anna Kendrick and Bill Hader. But as our own Karen Han put it in her review, the film comes together like a “dark Christmas porridge”. Read before you drink.

But if you’re an old favorite, you’re probably lucky. The Christmas nightmare? Check. Santa Claus? Check. Mickey’s different Christmas specialties? Have you. And A Muppet Christmas Carol, by far the best version of Dickens story … ever? … is also ready to stream. Here’s the full list of Christmas movies so you don’t have to scroll endlessly.

Little WomenPhoto: Sony Pictures Entertainment

The Christmas films in the theaters

If there is only so much space on your couch, you should go to a real cinema to experience Christmas entertainment. We cannot support The Rise of Skywalker this day of life, but there are other options.

After being published all the way back at the top of November, Last Christmas adjusts the romantic mood of George Michaels holiday hit in a Rom-Com with the dreamy couple Emilia Clarke and Henry Golding. We said the following in our detailed report:

Last Christmas is a safe and uncomplicated bet for Rome coms. (Director Paul) Feig doesn’t try to exceed genre or gender expectations like bridesmaids or a spy – Kate’s confusion is sometimes unattractive, which is rare for blockbuster heroines, but not for Feig’s characters. Even a big late film twist is not enough to set the film apart from other romantic comedies. But last Christmas does the job when it comes to creating a pleasant haze of warm feelings that offers a short break from the cold, cynical world outside of the cinema.

The best movie you can see this Christmas is Greta Gerwigs Little woman (Technically, this happens during the holiday seasons, if you are concerned about not seeing Christmas decorations on the screen.) From our Little Women review earlier this month:

The film doesn’t hit a single wrong note. It guides the viewer through the lives of four very different women without choosing one for the “right” approach. The cast is equally wonderful, with Pugh, in particular, perfectly embodying the way bouts of youthful pique can overwhelm us when we are denied the things we want. This level of seriousness – and the love for the joyful and bittersweet parts of life – make Little Women a pure joy.

Emergency Christmas Log options

Beware of dead air. If the debate goes on, we recommend that you leaf through at least a Christmas log to pass the time before someone raids the TV. And you’re in luck: we have the ultimate list of themed Christmas holiday diaries, covering everything from Marvel to Doctor Who to Hearthstone-chimney fireplaces.

A great movie if you don’t need a Christmas movie

Not every audience after Christmas dinner needs a tinsel-wrapped film or special. Sometimes quality is the perfect gift. That’s why we’ve put together the best films for every audience, whether you need a three and a half hour crime saga staged by Martin Scorsese or a quick injection of Tom Cruise hanging on a helicopter. Merry Christmas to everyone.

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