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All the ways Crisis on Infinite Earths altered the Arrowverse forever


After taking the holidays off, the final 2 parts to Crisis on Infinite Earths have actually gotten here.

[Ed. note: This post contains major spoilers for the fourth and fifth episodes of Crisis on Infinite Earths.]

Crisis on Infinite Endgames

The 4th chapter of “Crisis,” an episode of Arrow, sees the six Paragons and Lex Luthor costs months coping with having actually lost everyone in the multiverse and trying to discover a method to reverse everything.

Sadly, things fall apart almost immediately. Barry and the other Paragons get caught in the Speed Force after an attack from the Anti-Monitor, and Barry has to take a trip through time to specific Oliver memories to recuperate them, lest they be consumed by antimatter.

Barry and the other Paragons are stapled into old Arrow episodes in scenes like Sara Lance’s death.

And they stroke each other’s outfits. Truly.

On The Other Hand, Supergirl, Ryan Choi, and Lex Luthor arrive on Maltus and– in spite of Lex’s best efforts– convince the Display to not take a trip to the Dawn of Time. The multiverse rule still applies; even if the Screen they spoke to didn’t cross paths with the Anti-Monitor, at least one of them throughout all universes will. At the Dawn of Time in the Anti-Matter universe, Spectre-Oliver exposes his big plan: the Paragons will hold the line while he combats the Anti-Monitor and rebirths the whole multiverse. With a cry of “You have actually failed this universe!” Spectre-Ollie restarts the multiverse and passes away, once again. The day is conserved.

Other Than … there’s still one hour of program left.

An end, and a start

The last chapter of “Crisis,” an episode of Legends of Tomorrow, deals with the fallout of the crossover and the journey the Paragons went through. Turns out restoring the universe didn’t go off without a drawback: All the heroes are on a single Earth now, from the Legends and Batwoman to Black Lightning and his household.

According to a civilian played by initial Crisis comic scribe Marv Wolfman, those heroes have actually been working together for years in this freshly formed reality.

To make matters worse, the Anti-Monitor is still around and attempting to exterminate the Paragons. As is the case with every other crossover, the heroes split up into groups to save the day. While the other heroes fight the Anti-Monitor and his shadow satanic forces, Ryan, Ray Palmer, and Nash Wells develop a bomb to keep the Anti-Monitor caught in the Microverse.

The Anti-Monitor is defeated, and the recently rebuilt multiverse is shown with a montage of universes we’ve seen and will see. We see Earth-2, the house of the upcoming Stargirl series, the Earth-12 universe of the 2011 Green Lantern movie. The universes of Titans ( Earth-9), Swamp Thing, ( Earth-19), and Doom Patrol(Earth-21) are seen. And yes, the Superman of Earth-96(the one played by Brandon Routh) gets his own delighted ending.

As for the heroes of the Arrowverse, aka Earth-Prime?

David Harewood as Hank Henshaw/J’onn J’onzz, Grant Gustin as The Flash, Melissa Benoist as Kara/Supergirl, Jon Cryer as Lex Luthor, Osric Chau as Ryan Choi and Ruby Rose as Kate Kane/Batwoman in Crisis on Infinite Earths.

Picture: Dean Buscher/The CW

What happens now?

Legends of Tomorrow begins its brand-new season, to replace Arrow when it concludes with its last 2 episodes. Supergirl and The Flash ( returning in February) will certainly have to deal with the new status quo.

For Arrow– particular corner of this universe, next week’s episode will be its second to last. It’ll be a leaping off point for Green Arrow & the Canaries, the spinoff focused on Oliver’s adult child Mia, who will restore her memories and take up the hood and bow. The spinoff hasn’t been picked up yet, but offered the performance history of this universe, it likely will. At the end of January, Arrow‘s last episode will air, and it will feature Stephen Amell as Oliver– not the Spectre– according to showrunner Beth Schwartz.

Whether the Arrow spinoff takes place are not, Arrowverse reveals throughout the board have currently been restored for new seasons to begin in the fall. Crisis includes a tease for the approaching show, as we learn that Lois and Clark have not one but 2 unnamed children they’re raising.

It’s a whole brand-new world for the Arrowverse, and for the first time, the future is genuinely unpredictable.

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