Allam to Al-Madina: Al-Akhdar suffered a defensive confusion against Vietnam

Ahmed Allam, coach of Al-Ansar’s team, confirmed that the positive results prompt the analyst to talk about the positives after each match, which happened to most clubs after our team’s victory over Vietnam in the match of the first. round of the 2022 World Cup Final Qualifiers, which our team finished in its favor: 3/1.

Allam confirmed to Al-Madina, however, that every match is full of positives and negatives, regardless of its outcome, and here we must reveal the negatives, especially since the green is at the beginning of the final qualifying path, and is working to avoid these negative aspects is very important in so that Al-Akhdar can have many obstacles in this travel.

Allam explained that our team suffered from a clear defensive confusion at the start of the match, especially in the heart of the defense, as well as a defect in the defensive organization, due to the attention of the defenders to spread the ball. in random way.

And the defensive suffering increased, the role of the pivot players, as they were on a line, hence the coverage from outside area it failed, and this confusion about the defenders and the imbalance in the organization led to the green network receiving a first target.

Ahmed Allam revealed that the need to avoid these defensive errors requires that defenders and aces not retire in significantly and avoid the duplication of roles between the axes, in so that the defensive and offensive roles are distributed among the axis players and face the opponent team players from outside area de rigueur, and not give them the opportunity to pay from outside area, and on the defenders they choose the method and the place of dispersion in more accurately, and the defensive organization must be based on the harmony between the two central defenders.

The technical manager of the Al-Ansar team followed, on the offensive level, the mistakes made by the Al-Akhdar forwards against Vietnam were represented in the waste of opportunities in abundance, in particularly in the first half, and this is a big flaw, because the final qualifiers are decided by half opportunities.

Saleh Al-Shehri also reduced the team’s offensive effectiveness by exaggerating it out of thearea of the opponent’s penalty, which reduced the numerical increase required within thearea of rigor.

And between Allam, and to get rid of this problem, the attacker must have his mindfulness in such matches at the highest level, and the frank spearhead must maintain its presence within thearea penalty most of the time, and deal with the cross ball with better effectiveness, especially since it was clear to adopt the green on crosses.

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