Along with singers, Amaal Malik has also trained composers and lyricists.

Amaal Malik, who has made his mark in the Bollywood industry through music, has composed many great songs, while Amaal has also been seen giving his voice as a singer. In such a situation, he celebrates many of his songs on social media and remains excited for the songs. Amaal was recently seen giving music in Parineeti Chopra’s film Saina. Nowadays, music and singers seem to be getting more importance in the Bollywood industry. Meanwhile, the question has also arisen that on any social media platform or reality show, singers are given full credit, but the composer and lyricist of the song. That is not talked about anywhere. Recently, all the lyricists of the music industry together appealed to the people with a song. Through the song, all the lyricists had appealed to the people of the industry and all the platforms to take the songs to the people. Eventually its effect was seen and the lyricist also started getting recognition.

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After the lyricist, now singer Amaal Malik himself was seen expressing his opinion on this matter and he appealed to the people. Sharing a note, Amaal wrote, “I see that many upcoming singers and reality shows who sing covers and mashups of songs forget to give credit to their artist. I request you guys to please give credit not only to the singers but also to the original composer and lyricist.’ Amaal further wrote, ‘Giving full respect to the singers also, I say that making music is a team work and In such a situation, it is not right to give credit to one artist. And not giving credit to the creator is an insult to the artist. Anyway no one is going to die for anyone’s credit but…it is everyone’s right…This kind of trouble was seen on many radio stations too but now they have rectified this mistake.’
With such a note, Amaal put his point of view on the artist’s credit.

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