Alujain decides to distribute 15% of dividends in cash for the first half of 2022

Al-Luhain Holding Company “Al-Lujain” announced the decision of the Board of Directors to distribute dividends in cash to shareholders for the first half of 2022, with a total of approximately 103.8 million riyals, for a number of shares in circulation of 69.2 million shares.

Alujain Holding stated, in a statement in “Saudi Tadawul”, today, Sunday, that the share distribution of the share is 1.5 riyals, with a distribution ratio of 15% to the nominal value of the share.

He added that eligibility is for shareholders who own shares at the close of the market on June 30, 2022 and who are registered in the company’s register of shareholders at the Depository Center at the end of the second trading day following the maturity date, while the date distribution is July 5, 2022.

He explained that the decision came on the basis of the company’s eleventh extraordinary general meeting, held last May, to the board of directors to distribute interim dividends for the year 2022.

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