Amanda Nunes talking to ATT teammate Colby Covington about his behavior: “Why should I talk to him?”

LAS VEGAS – Two-time women’s champion Amanda Nunes made a big exception to teammate Colby Covington who called Brazil’s homeland a “dump” and her “dirty animal” compatriots in a post-fight interview after defeating Demian Maia in 2017. [/ embed]

It’s been two years since and as Nunes prepares to defend the bantamweight title on the same UFC card that will feature Covington in the welterweight title challenge, he revealed to Sporting News that these broken fences between teammates have not yet been restored.

And it has no interest in doing so.

“Like, why?” Nunes asked Sporting News when he suggested that his teammates should talk at some point. “Why should I talk about him?” “It’s not something I like most, I don’t have anything to do with Colby and the things he says.”

Covington has caused some division in the American top team with his divisive character demonstrating President Donald Trump’s undefeated support by wearing a “Make America Great Again” hat and systematically annoying others with his often rubbish talk. Considering that the ATT is made up of a different group of fighters, it is no surprise that Covington will rub his teammates the wrong way.

Some have been disappointed with Covington’s tactics, but Nunes has remained a relative mom on the subject. And if his words have influenced her, Nunes doesn’t see the need to approach Covington.

Despite the two fighters calling for the American Top Home team, Nunes said he rarely, if ever, crossed paths with Covington during his term at ATT. It doesn’t predict the change, even though both come out victorious on Saturday night and carry the UFC titles back to the gym.

“We don’t even see each other in the gym,” Nunes said. “We have a huge team with completely different schedules. Whatever happens between him, the gym and the coach has nothing to do with me.

“That’s not great for me, I do what I do and do what he does.”

You can hear a slight nuisance in the voice of Nunes when it comes to the Covington theme. It could come from the actions of her teammate, or it might just be something she prefers not to face in front of her UFC 245 bantamweight title defense against Germaine De Randamie.

Either way, there is definitely something about this situation with Covington not right with Nunes. It’s just that she has zero interest in putting any energy into the situation and would prefer the universe to confront her teammate when the time comes.

“He’s an adult and he knows what he’s saying,” Nunes said. “I don’t see myself at all times – and maybe never – talking to him about the things he has said. It was the past and that is for him.

“If he has to pay for what he has said, then life will make him pay.”

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